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Find Kaltura Capture Recordings Saved on Your Local Computer

Kaltura Capture recordings are saved locally on your hard drive as an MP4 and can be located to edit with video editing software. Note: If you created a two source recording you will have two…

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How to Download Source Videos from Kaltura Capture

How to download the secondary media source when the Edit Media page only allows downloading of the primary video. For detailed instructions see Download the Secondary Video in a (MiVideo) Kaltura…

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How to Edit a Two Source Kaltura Capture Video With Adobe Premiere Rush

Kaltura Capture two-source (e.g. camera and screen) recordings can be trimmed and chopped in the Video Editor (Actions >Launch Editor), but sometimes you may want to edit in a video editing…

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KMC Admins: How to Download A Kaltura Capture or Classroom Secondary Video

Overview Any media owner or co-editor can download a video from My Media, but this only downloads the primary video in 2 source Kaltura Capture or Classroom recordings. This video demonstrates how…

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Using Kaltura Capture for Asynchronous Video In Canvas

The steps of how to create a screen recording video using Kaltura Capture within Canvas, as well as how to post the screen recording on a Canvas course. For detailed instructions see Upload Media…

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Academic Advisor Training on ITS Tools for Orientation - May 8, 2020

This training was provided for the U-M academic advising community on May 8, 2020 with a focus on tools for advising during a fully remote new student orientation. This training covers: Comparison of…

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Troubleshooting Kaltura Capture on a Mac

When Capture gives errors such as "cannot stop recording" or closes unexpectedly, it's likley you're missing required security settings. How to check your security settings. For…

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Live Canvas Crash Course Monday 3/16/2020

This session covers online teaching best practice suggestions, Kaltura Capture lecture recording, Canvas course tools demonstrations.

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Canvas Crash Course 3/13/2020

This session was recorded on March 13, 2020 and was presented by ITS Teaching and Learning staff John Johnston, IT Program Manager and Melinda Kraft, Service Manager. This recording walks new Canvas…

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Kaltura Capture Overview

Kaltura Capture is a desktop recording and capture tool for easy creation of videos at home, in the office, on campus, or on the goFrom kalturalearning For detailed instructions see Upload Media…

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How to Set the Recording Options in Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture supports up to two recording inputs, plus audio. How to select recording inputs. Two input recordings, such as a screen plus webcam will be presented to the viewers in a configurable…

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How to Set and Create a Presentation Recording with Kaltura Capture

How to set and create a presentation recording with Kaltura Capture. From kalturalearning For detailed instructions see Upload Media Using Kaltura Capture: Screen, Camera, and Audio Recording.

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