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Looking for a cloud-based streaming solution for your media collection?

ITS-MiVideo offers two solutions for media collections: a channel on the MiVideo Mediaspace ( and a stand-alone Mediaspace. If your team is looking for a cloud-based streaming solution for your media collection and you're interested in learning more about Kaltura please contact the ITS-MiVideo team for a consultation to discuss your team's needs and which solution is right for you.

Channel on MiVideo Mediaspace

  • A channel is a personally managed, user generated media collection on a Mediaspace.
  • Channels can be configured in a variety of ways from fully open collaborative collections to private collections locked down to specific groups.
  • MCommunity groups can be utilized to grant channel access and entitlements.
  • Related media in channels can be organized into playlists.
  • Viewers can subscribe to channels to be notified when new content is added.
  • Channels are easier to manage and are recommended for a small media collection that does not require much organization or specific branding.

Public Channel Example

Many departments across campus manage their own channels on the MiVideo Mediaspace ( After logging in, faculty, staff, and students have the ability to create private and restricted channels. For more information about channel types see the Understanding Channel Types in MediaSpace article.

Screenshot of the MiVideo in Canvas channel Teaching with MiVideo in Canvas Tutorials is a channel maintained by ITS Teaching and Learning and is an example of a public channel with a restricted group of managers who publish content to it. If you are interested in creating a public channel or in using an MCommunity group to restrict access to a channel please contact the ITS-MiVideo team.


  • A Mediaspace is a stand-alone customizable video portal.
  • Mediaspaces can be configured in a variety of ways from fully open collaborative collections to private collections locked down to specific groups.
  • A Mediaspace contains a collection of channels that can be linked from the site navigation.
  • Navigation, styling, and branding can be customized on a Mediaspace.
  • At least one admin is required to customize and manage the site.
  • A Mediaspace is recommend for a large media collection requiring organization and specific branding.

Access Examples

Access to a Mediaspace can be restricted three ways:

Screenshot of the Library Mediaspace homepage Allow unauthenticated (public) access such as the Library Mediaspace which does not require authentication to view media published in public channels.

Screenshot of Organizational Learning homepage Require U-M authentication and be entirely locked down behind weblogin or level 2 (Michigan Medicine) such as the Organizational Learning Mediaspace.

Screenshot of weblogin Require U-M authentication and further restrict access to a specific MCommunity or AD group (Michigan Medicine).

Styling and Branding Example

Screenshot of Bentley Library Navigation A Mediaspace allows for customization of color, style, and branding. The Bentley Historical Library Mediaspace uses the Michigan Blue on the navigation bar along with their custom logo. As a guidance for a logo size, the Bentley logo is 480 x 65 pixels. A transparent PNG file works best for a logo.

Metadata & Tags Examples

Screenshot of Bentley Library Custom Metadata Custom metadata fields can be added to media. The Bentley Historical Library Mediaspace uses several custom metadata fields.

Screenshot of Bentley Library Collections page Media can also be tagged. Tags appear as links and clicking on a tag displays all media on the site tagged with the term. The Bentley Historical Library Mediaspace uses tags to organize their collections.

Screenshot of Clements library channel page The Clements Library Mediaspace uses tags on this channel page.

Homepage Examples

A Mediaspace's homepage can be customized. If a homepage is not configured then the first link in the navigation will become the homepage.

Screenshot of Library Mediaspace homepage The Library Mediaspace homepage displays all the media in a single category/channel.

Screenshot of Clements Library Mediaspace homepage The Clements Library Mediaspace Mediaspace uses a carousel and custom playlists.

Screenshot of HR homepage The homepage can display lists (most recent, most viewed, etc). The HR Mediaspace displays the most popular media on the site.

Screenshot of Organizational Learning homepage The Organizational Learning Mediaspace developed a custom HTML homepage.

Organization & Navigation Examples

Screenshot of HR navigation Channels can be added to the site navigation. The HR Mediaspace has several menu and submenu items.

Screenshot of Library About page Custom static HTML pages can be created and linked to from the site navigation. The Library Mediaspace has a custom “About” page.

Footer Example

Screenshot of HR navigation A footer is not required but can customized with HTML. The same footer will appear on all the pages on the site. The Library Mediaspace has a simple footer with links.