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Kaltura Accessibility & Enrichment: It's More Than Just Captions

Kaltura Accessibility & Enrichment: It's More Than Just Captions When we think about accessibility and video, one of the first things that comes to mind is machine closed captions, but…

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How to Delete Captions from MiVideo and Canvas

How to delete caption files from MiVideo and Canvas. You must delete both the captions file and its transcript files, if they exist. For detailed instructions see Delete Captions in MiVideo.

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How to Download Captions & Transcript Files from My Media

How to download the captions and transcript files for use outside of MiVideo. For detailed instructions see Download MiVideo Video Captions and Use Them Outside of MiVideo.

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Edit Captions for a Video In My Media On Canvas

How to use the Captions Editor to edit machine-generated captions for accuracy and accessibility. Note: Editing sessions expire in 2 hours. Save as you go! For detailed instructions see Edit…

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How to Order Captions for a Video In My Media on Canvas

How to order machine-generated or professional human-generated English captions for media in Canvas and MiVideo Mediaspace. For detailed instructions see Order Captions for Media in Canvas or…

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MiVideo in Canvas

This video provides an overview of using MiVideo in Canvas.

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